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How to unblock your brain in this noisy world.

It is a gift that we are easily connected nowadays. Connected to media that is. Whichever platform you prefer, there is a way. Wherever in the world, there is a way. And whatever time of day. Having the ability to connect has its downfall. And that’s what it is, we are ALWAYS connected. So imagine…Read More »

Circle of Love in Nature

“Art exists because life isn’t enough.” -Ferreira Gullar

Why I love being an artist..Part II Being an artist does give me a different kind of freedom. Freedom to express pain, beauty, suffering, and happiness, in MY language, MY processes, in MY voice. I love being an artist because it’s another avenue on how I fill my soul. It makes me whole. Just like…Read More »

Why I love being an artist.

Part 1  It’s the month of love and it’s evident everywhere you go. Earlier today I was at our local Sprouts and the moment I walked in, I was greet