How to unblock your brain in this noisy world.

It is a gift that we are easily connected nowadays. Connected to media that is. Whichever platform you prefer, there is a way. Wherever in the world, there is a way. And whatever time of day. Having the ability to connect has its downfall. And that’s what it is, we are ALWAYS connected. So imagine…Read More »

Circle of Love in Nature

“Art exists because life isn’t enough.” -Ferreira Gullar

Why I love being an artist..Part II Being an artist does give me a different kind of freedom. Freedom to express pain, beauty, suffering, and happiness, in MY language, MY processes, in MY voice. I love being an artist because it’s another avenue on how I fill my soul. It makes me whole. Just like…Read More »

Why I love being an artist.

Part 1  It’s the month of love and it’s evident everywhere you go. Earlier today I was at our local Sprouts and the moment I walked in, I was greeted with a surplus of heart balloons, bouquets of flowers, potted plants and orchids, and a ton of reds and pinks. I’m not gonna lie, it…Read More »

What’s the upgrade from your usual adult play?

When adults say, “work hard, play harder”, what does it exactly means to play harder?   From what I’m noticing in Social Media posts, it can mean that people: do something extraordinary than their usual vacations. Instead of just touristy things, people reach out to other activities like hiking areas only known to locals or finding…Read More »

Mini Charmed Originals

The Stories Behind the Woods

One reason why I really enjoy and love painting these mini originals, is I get to capture a specific sweet thought or warm memory, in this small canvas that you can take with you anytime. Like a token. And since we all have different life experiences, life journeys, affinity, interests, I get to capture unique…Read More »

How I Turned Recycled Tree to Jewelry

These wood circles range from 1.25″ to 1.75″. Each an original painting, an original wearable Art. And I have tremendous fun making these. But before I reached my current process, I went thru various ways and materials. Test and scrap pieces of different woods. After finishing one, the next is another opportunity to try something…Read More »

My Yellow Balloon Limited Edition

Limited Edition and One of a Kind

Have you met Sonny? He’s the one adorning this popular My Yellow Balloon in gray, baby bodysuit. A limited edition of Sonny is now available in cream. And honestly, when I first saw it in person, I fell in love with it right away! I love how Sonny fits right in the natural color of the…Read More »

Why would I drive for an hour for a 10 minute visit

Do you remember the stories your parents told you about how you were as a child? Were you the super shy kid? The young one that likes to do pranks on the older siblings? We all have different experiences, but one thing all our parents do not wish for their children is to be sick. I remember…Read More »

Ginger Man

Have you met your inner child?

“Your inner child is creative. Your inner child is like a mischievous imp. Your approach to life is to be curious about everything: you like to understand, discover, and get to know about things in depth and you take a practical and systematic tack. You know that getting things done is down to trial and…Read More »

A Walk Through The Park

Be kid again in these adventure destinations

5 years to 550 years old, regardless of the age, your inner child is always, ALWAYS there. We get so busy with adult life that we forgot all about it. We forgot how we were in our carefree younger days; how we love to play under the sun, how we don’t mind getting dirty in…Read More »

Yay parade!

So nice to meet you!

Who agrees adulting is a lot of work!? (I’m raising my hand so eagerly) Responsibilities, limitations, sensitivities, and rules. All makes life, well… not so peachy at times. Remember the days when recess is your favorite subject, summer vacation is the highlight of the school year, simple trips for ice cream are such a treat, birthdays…Read More »