Why I love being an artist.

Part 1 

It’s the month of love and it’s evident everywhere you go. Earlier today I was at our local Sprouts and the moment I walked in, I was greeted with a surplus of heart balloons, bouquets of flowers, potted plants and orchids, and a ton of reds and pinks. I’m not gonna lie, it made me smile. They’re preparing for something big and important to so many people and yet it’s not even a holiday.

Just that sight alone already sparks inspirations. My mind was conjuring up visuals and ideas on how I can take all the sensations into something creative; all while I was walking pass the checkout counters and the rotisserie chicken area… Until I had to go back to my grocery list. See, these little moments are so fun to me. I enjoy the gift that I can see the mundane every day things and put life into them. The foodie drawings I do are so fun to me. The feeling of free play, warm child-like love are infused in each and every single one of them. As an artist, there’s really no way of creating something you truly love without pouring a little bit of your soul into it. And that’s what makes art so important to our lives. No matter what type of art you enjoy the most or do, it is a gift that is really meant to share with the world.

Another reason I love being an artist is because it opens up an alternate world where I can be what I want to be, make it look and run the way I want it, and live in it without any judgement. In the Ripe Mangoes world, carrots can be flying jets, a strawberry can bring a sweet light as the lamp in your study, broccoli hedgehogs roam the daisy park, brussel sprout fishes, mangoes green and yellow have their own characters, and so on. This may be a bunch of gibberish and childish, and some may call it stupid, but this is mine and nobody can take it away from me. Not even the harshest superficial judgements.

To play with colors! In all kinds of medium with so many different tools! How can you not love being an artist when you get to do that?! It truly feels like play most of the time..as it should be because when you feel stressed or anything but at peace, it’s almost painful to paint or get creative. The never ending experimenting and learning. I love being an artist because I get to create art in my own language, in my own style, in my own voice.

It’s another kind of freedom.

Why I love being an artist…more on part 2!