About Me

Love Pabalate

Coloring books were my first canvas and Crayola crayons were my first media. As a kid I already knew how to appreciate colors. Imagine the biggest collection of Crayola crayons with every single color available…I had that!

I loved all the color masterpieces that I created of princesses, ALF, Garfield, Raggedy Anne, and underwater creatures (Note: No crayon marks ever crossed the lines!). My coloring books may have been too pristine for some kids but it was already art to me. To this day I carry the same passion for colors through my work, everyday attire, choice of décor, and even food! Being a scholar of the “Creative Brains Academy”, school showed me an even greater appreciation for art. I learned that after graduating I will also have a “creative license”. Now that’s exciting and powerful!

Ripe Mangoes™ is a line that I created based on my love of mangoes! I have yet to travel the whole world, but I know that the Philippines has the best tasting mangoes whether they be ripe or green mangoes. I grew up eating a lot of these mangoes and the thought of them brings back very special memories. I believe that by creating this Ripe Mangoes™ line it keeps me close to my roots in many ways.

I thank my parents for naming me after the strongest word in the world: Love. I have a lifetime to uphold this name and I intend to do so with my powers of creativity: lots of colors, graphics, and patterns!