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What’s the upgrade from your usual adult play?

When adults say, “work hard, play harder”, what does it exactly means to play harder?   From what I’m noticing in Social Media posts, it can mean that people: do something extraordinary than their usual vacations. Instead of just touristy things, people reach out to other activities like hiking areas only known to locals or finding…Read More »

Under the Sun

Mr. Sun is always there to keep you company even though your friend Crabbie is ready to go.

Spinach Tree

Hopefully there are still apples left by the time he wakes up.

Fruit Harvest

Dad: Umm..I think you brought me to the wrong garden son. Boy: No dad, my teacher said when flowers bloom, fruit follows. And these are ready! Mom will be so happy!!


Bear friend with a hat: “I think we have a stowaway.” Tott: “It’s okay, that’s Mr. Cuchon, he gets motion sickness. He’ll get off the truck soon. Now wave hi to our friends!!!”