So nice to meet you!

Yay parade!

Who agrees adulting is a lot of work!? (I’m raising my hand so eagerly) Responsibilities, limitations, sensitivities, and rules. All makes life, well… not so peachy at times.

Remember the days when recess is your favorite subject, summer vacation is the highlight of the school year, simple trips for ice cream are such a treat, birthdays are huge, playtime is exhausting and fun, and holidays are like mini getaways (to granny or cousin’s house).

What happened to those memories? What happened to our fondness of simpler things? When we were kids, we couldn’t wait to grow up, put make up on, drive our dad’s car, wear heels, wear a suit and go to work at those big buildings. For many adults, they never looked back. Life kept on happening; marriage, kids, job challenges, health, family issues… we can go on and on.

Let’s go back and reach to things that are reminiscent of our childhood happiness. Let’s get the young, cute, and cuddly self out in hiding. Let the warm fuzzy feeling out, the carefree attitude, the bold, the courageous, and the curious.

Childhood memories.

Hi there little dappers and little dolls,
my name is Love and I can’t wait to meet you!