How to unblock your brain in this noisy world.

It is a gift that we are easily connected nowadays. Connected to media that is. Whichever platform you prefer, there is a way. Wherever in the world, there is a way. And whatever time of day. Having the ability to connect has its downfall. And that’s what it is, we are ALWAYS connected. So imagine you’re a blocked artist, a blocked writer, a blocked musician. You need inspiration to give your mind some breathing room, some new ideas.

First thing and so easy, is to grab your cellphone, conveniently located in front of you or in your pocket. So you scroll, look at the people you admire, read blogs, and whatever you can fill your screen with. Little you know this is actually keeping you from being blocked. And after 15mins of what you thought “looking for inspirations”, you found yourself feeling more empty,
jealous, and unmotivated.

When I am in need of fresh perspective I try my best to disconnect. Scrolling has not been the best place, I tried many times. And sometimes I still try. But what has worked for me over and over is just disconnecting, because that opens up SO many opportunities for so many other things. Definitely not found on the screen.

It can be as simple as grabbing that old book from your dusty shelf, a 10 minute chill time in the backyard, a stroll around the neighborhood with your favorite pup, and so on. Here I share some more ways and places I found to have helped me get out of my usual thinking (and really when you’re in need of a Me time):

If you notice, I did not mention to include someone while doing or going to these. Why? Because you need ALONE time. To take yourself out for a date, just you and your beautiful self. It may feel uncomfortable and that is okay. Uncomfortable is good because that means it’ll fruit some of the best rewards. And these are either free or with minimal dollar amount to as much as you feel like treating yourself. So there is no way really you can’t go wrong with these. Especially the last one; you need a space, a music source, and two feet.

***If you want to push your activity one step further, while immersed at the moment, in either at the beach, the museum, cafe, do something creative. Draw in your sketch book, color in some coloring pages, you can get mine for free here. Write a poem, a short story, write in words the sensations you’re feeling at the moment. There’s such power when we’re in the moment and soaking it all in actively.
Try it and let me know how it goes.