The Stories Behind the Woods

Mini Charmed Originals

One reason why I really enjoy and love painting these mini originals, is I get to capture a specific sweet thought or warm memory, in this small canvas that you can take with you anytime. Like a token. And since we all have different life experiences, life journeys, affinity, interests, I get to capture unique and different one with each of them.

These are not just charmed pieces. I did not just glue a metal charm on an original acrylic painting and called it a day. These pieces have their own stories and the charm used was intentional. I’ll share with you the story, the heart and soul on two of the mini originals:


Piece: “Strolling Around Paris Necklace”

Strolling Around Paris Necklace

A sweet reminder of something simple but filled with great memories.


Paris means a great deal to me. I’ve dreamed of visiting Paris ever since I was in high school. Learned about it in my literature class but didn’t really realized how amazing the city is until my first Art History class. The museums, the galleries, the architecture, the couture! (Hello Louvre and Mona Lisa!) Also, Paris was part of our honeymoon. When we landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport, it was so surreal. My dream country, dream city, came true. The iconic Eiffel Tower, the park nearby, and the simpler living Parisian live by was the inspiration for this piece. I was absorbing every minute of our stay there. Tried making a mental journal of the sounds the French conversations I hear, the smell of oh so fresh baguette, the sight of architectures and the fashion style Parisians are known for. As if time stood still. No travel books or blogs can prepare you for what you’ll experience once you’re there. I finally got to use my bare minimal knowledge of French! That was daunting.

Some things linger and make an impact during a vacation or a trip.


Piece: “Gentle Duo Necklace”

Gentle Duo Elephant Pair Necklace

An original handpainted necklace that showcases your love for elephants. Love for animals. And constant longing for tropical vacations.


Inspired by a trip to Thailand, this piece was to commemorate my first ever trip there. I’ve learned about elephants and how wonderful these creatures are over time and our trip to Thailand reminded me of how amazing they are. They really are gentle giants! With their well-known size, elephants managed to be naturally gentle. The way they walk, how they take their strides, the elegant way they move their trunk, and how gentle they are to their young. Elephants are very important in the spiritual world, more specifically in Buddhism and Hinduism. Classic symbolism for strength, patience, loyalty, wisdom, and power. Is elephant your animal spirit?


Do you have any story you can relate with one of the charmed mini originals? I’d love to hear it! I also would love to gift you something for your home. For your celebratory days, or just a quiet time at home. Add a bit of color in your kitchen while at same time conjure up something delicious to have 🙂 Head over here —-> colorful home