Have you met your inner child?

Ginger Man

“Your inner child is creative. Your inner child is like a mischievous imp. Your approach to life is to be curious about everything: you like to understand, discover, and get to know about things in depth and you take a practical and systematic tack. You know that getting things done is down to trial and error and your thirst for adventure means that you get the most you can out of each new experience. What’s more you have a very active imagination. You are very ingenious, have lots of good ideas and love being creative, and all of this is enhanced by your finely tuned intuition. The need to learn but also to invent is what makes you tick. Your inner child, with its lively nature and sharp intelligence could grow into an Einstein or a Leonardo da Vinci. So, your inner child is a powerful force full of promise if you learn how to allow it a voice, and give it guidance, because it will then have the capacity to dream, and give life and form to its imagination.”

That’s my inner child. I would say it is about 85-90% on point. I have always been a creative one, deep inside, even during my collegiate days as a Bio student.

Do you remember what you were into doing 25-30 years ago? I can just imagine you calculating in your head how old were you 25 years ago. I was 10 years old 25 years ago, living in Manila with my mom, grandma, grandpa, and one of my cousins. Most likely in elementary school, either 4th or 5th grade. What exactly I was into? Well…besides playing, I know for a fact I was into coloring. My mom would surprise my cousin and I each a coloring book. Also dolls. Play pretend (cashier, teacher, bank teller, etc.) and cartoons. Trying out clothes for the older kids, playing with my mom’s makeup, and eagerly waiting for Christmas and my birthday to come.

But much of that doesn’t say who my inner child was. Everything we did as kids were experimental, new, and out of curiosity. When I was asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, I said scientist or doctor and at one point a nun. Our parents also may have guesses of what we will become when we grow up. What did your parents think?

Were you a thinker? Very logical, likes Legos and building blocks?

Creative? Observant and absorbent. Always curious and likes to create interesting colorful pieces.

If you’re intrigued on finding who your inner child is, this test will help you.


Tell me here. Is the result what you expected? Or are you surprised? Or did you say “I thought so.”?